4) In the field of dairy industry
Karl Schnell (From Germany)www.karlschnell.de: The emphasis of KS activities is on machine and systems construction for industrial processing of meat, pet food, delicatessen products, processed cheese products and confectionary.
For cheese: cream cheese, processed cheese, easy to spread and cheese slices, blocks of processed cheese.
Egli AG (From Switzerland)www.egliag.com: Since 1888 Egli AG has been one of the leading companies in the development, manufacture and maintenance of butter, spread and margarine technololgy for industrial enterprises and research centres. Experience, the latest techniques and the most modern technology ensure outstanding products and services. ISO 9001 certification is a further guarantee of the highest quality and ultra-modern work processes.
Bosch/Sapal (From Switzerland)boschpackaging.com: Packaging technology of dairy products from Bosch meets the most stringent demands: It works to excellent hygiene standards, is profitable, reliable and of course innovative. All kind of packing including, IWS, triangular, round shapes, etc.
PFM-SPS (from Italy)www.pfm.it: The PFM Group produces a complete range of horizontal flow-pack machines, vertical form fill and seal, multi-head weighers and automatic packaging lines to meet any need of flexible packaging for food and non-food applications.
FASA (from Lithuania)www.fasa.eu: Company FASA manufactures packaging equipment for dairy industry - for butter, margarine, processed cheese, yoghurt, cream, ice-cream, milk, confectionary and other food products. FASA offers a wide range of packaging machines: filling, filling and wrapping, fill and seal, form-fill-seal (FFS), flow-pack, batchers, homogenizers, collating and stacking, glazing machines and cooling tunnels are just a part of production range.

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