3) In the field of Cake, Biscuit, Chocolate Processing Machineries (a complete Line)
TONELLI Co. (from Italy)tonelligroup.it: Manufacturing working table for cake and kinds of mixer
IMAFORNI Co. (from Italy)www.imaforni.com: Manufacturing kinds of ovens for cake and biscuit.
COMAS Co. (from Italy)www.comas.eu: Manufacturing kinds of cake depositors and Pizza systems
M.C. AUTOMATION Co. (from Italy)www.mcautomations.it: Manufacturing twist and folds chocolate wrapping machines.
Pfm & SPS Co. (from Italy): All kinds of Horizontal (Pillow pack) and vertical packaging -wrapping machines for biscuits, cakes, cookies, dairy products(such as all type of cheeses), fruits and meat products(such as hamburger).
Kruger & Salecker Co. (From Germany)kands.org: Formative and moulding machinery manufacturer in the confectionary industry ,in different working widths for handling pasty mixtures and forms products at your option.

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