2) In the field of Meat Processing Machineries and Homogenizer Systems
LASKA Co. (from Austria) www.laska.at: Manufacturing kinds of Cutter for sausage, Ham, and Guillotine and kinds of grinder and mixer grinder.
KarlSchnell (KS) Co. (from Germany) www.karlschnell.de: Manufacturer of kind of Filler / Portioner/ Emulsifier machines for meat Products as well as for Pizza cheese Processing Machine.
Reich Co.(from Germany) www.reich-germany.de: Producer of Cooking & Smoking-chamber machines for meat products.
PROVATEC Co. (from Switzerland) www.azzar.ch: Manufacturing machinery for Hamburger.
HST Co. (from Germany) hst-gmbh.com: Manufacturing kinds of Homogenizer systems for milk, chocolate milk, fruit juice Concentrates.
Komet Co. (from Germany ) www.vakuumverpacken.de: Producer of Vacuum Thermoforming Packaging machines for Meat products.

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