Ronakem Co. the sole agency of significant European companies, is active in the fields of importation of food stuff and machinery as well as providing guide lines (consultation) in this respect.
Here under you could find our main range of raw material and machinery:

Food materials:

Modified starches kinds , usable for below fields ( Manufactured by AVEBE ):
Soup, sauces and gravies
Snack products
Fish and meat products
Potato based, Pasta products
Bakery and dairy products
Spreads, fruit and vegetables, baby foods, beverages, ready meals and other applications ( yeast filtration , fermentation/ flour, fragrances, spice mixes, Coloring, caramellization)

Dairy and Meat machinery (Manufactured By different European Companies. (For more information please refer to " New Development" on home site.)
Various Cutter / Grinder/ Mixer grinder for mincing meat and ham, sausage production
Full line machinery of poultry/ fish production
Homogenizer Systems
Injector/ Tumbler / Massager
Hamburger machinery
Meat Spiral Freezing Systems
Filling kinds of ham / sausages

Bakery/ Biscuit / Chocolate / cakes / packaging machinery (Manufactured By different European Companies . (For more information please refer to " New Development" on home site.)

Working table for cake, kinds of mixers
Ovens special for Cakes / Biscuits
Pilopack packaging Systems for Cake/ Biscuits etc.
Depositors kinds for Cake and Pizza
Packaging Systems of Chocolate ( Twist ,….)
Enrobing systems for Cakes and Chocolate
Various moulds for Biscuits and Rotary molding
Cream –Biscuit Systems
Special Papers for butter packaging and chocolate and Aluminum foil papers

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